Blacksmith Stylings

Racial styles in Elder Scrolls Online are what many players are most excited for. As an apprentice Blacksmith in the game, you are only able to craft your own racial style, so if you roll an Imperial for example, you will only be able to craft armor and weapons in the Imperial racial style. As you level up in the game, you will be given opportunities to learn the other racial styles, but some racial styles can be hard to come by, and require a bit of luck and dedication to get a hold of.


Racial Motifs

Racial styles for Blacksmithing and all other professions come in nine levels. They can be learned from Racial Motif books, which are found in the countryside of Tamriel off of chests and mobs, or in bookshelves and chests within houses in civilized areas. You will have to be lucky to find them all, because it takes most players a considerable amount of time to learn all of the racial styles using these racial motif books. Please note, these racial motif books can also be sold, so if there’s a specific style you’re looking for, it’s likely you will eventually find a player who is selling it. If you find a duplicate racial motif book, you can also score a bunch of gold by selling it to a player over the zone chat.

A racial motif book will teach you ONE rank of racial styling. If you find a racial motif rank 2 book for Redguard, you will only be able to craft Redguard steel armor, as an example. You will need to find the rank 1 Redguard book to craft iron Redguard armor, or rank 9 to craft Voidstone Redguard armor. The ranks of the motif books coincide with the rank of the ingot you are using to craft the armor, ranging from rank 1 (Iron) to rank 9 (Voidstone).

Racial Styling Materials

You will also need materials to craft your armor in racial styles at the Blacksmithing node. Here is a list of available racial stylings and their material requirements:


Altmer – Adamantite


Primal – Argentum


Bosmer – Bone

Barbaric – Copper

Nord – Corundrum

Daedra – Daedra Heart


Argonian – Flint

Ancient Elf – Malachite


Orc – Manganese

Breton – Molybdenum

Khajiit – Moonstone


Imperial – Nickel


Dunmer – ObsidianStarmetal
Redguard – Starmetal

Most of these racial styling materials can be purchased at a vendor next to the Blacksmithing workshop, but some of them can only be found in the wild. If you don’t have the gold to purchase these materials, then you can also farm them from various mobs, but this is very inefficient, and you’d be better off doing a few quests to make some gold to purchase these racial styling materials from the vendor.


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